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Our Perfect Wedding

I am finally sharing all the details from our wedding. I honestly can’t believe we are about to celebrate our one year anniversary. I have been wanting to share this post for awhile but somehow never wrote it all down. I thought it would be fitting now, a year later! Before we get to all the details I want to share a little back story. We only had two months to prepare for the wedding and the original date we wanted, the venue wasn’t available so we picked the following week. Turns out that every vendor we used happened to be available on that day so we knew that this was our day. Of course planning a wedding is hectic and definitely a lot of work but we manage to pull it off in two months with help from as many people as possible. Okay let’s move on to all the details.

At the end of the post, I linked the vendors we used if you are interested in their services.


I had looked at several places to have our wedding but after visiting Christoval Vineyard, I knew it was the right place. It was full of trees and it felt so peaceful. Plus it did not look like we were in West Texas. They had the perfect setting whether you wanted to get married inside the chapel, overlooking the vineyard or right in the midst of the vineyard. They also had a kitchen if you wanted to use it and two rooms for the bride/bridesmaid and groom/groomsmen to get ready. Once you booked the place they allow you to decorate the day before the wedding and the tables and chairs are part of the package deal. I highly recommend this place for any events. It’s just beautiful, see for yourself with all the pictures on this post.


We hired one of my friend who is a photographer, Penny Lynn to capture our day. She did an amazing job. She is so easy to work with and everything we wanted captured she was able to do it. She makes it fun and effortless. All the pictures on this post are from her. If you need any pictures done she is definitely worth every Penny! She also took our baby announcement photos here.


Here’s the honest truth about decorations, I couldn’t have pulled this off without one of my friend helping me. We used to work together at a church and every event she did it was absolutely beautiful. She had always mentioned that when ever I get married she would help me out. I’m so thankful that she did. If you don’t have a friend that can do this for you, I would highly recommend hiring an event coordinator (if it’s in your budget). It took a lot of the stress away from me and we were able to fully enjoy every moment.

I knew I wanted two things, no flowers and keep it simple. She was able to make everything look so gorgeous. I had borrowed a lot of the decorations from the church where I had worked plus my friend had brought decorations from her home as well. Everything else I had purchased from Amazon, Hobby Lobby, or Dollar Tree. Here’s a little tip, most the decoration I had purchased I wanted to use also in our home. So make sure when you decorate for your wedding it won’t be a one time use but it will be something you can incorporate in your home.


I had ordered our cakes from the grocery store called, Market Street. I know most people wouldn’t have concerned the grocery store but they did an amazing job plus it taste good. They also were able to delivery the cakes to our venue. Let’s talk about my cake first. I knew I wanted a naked cake (you know the ones that are not covered in icing) and at least one of the layers would be red velvet. Market Street offered a variety of cakes and different flavors of icing so you can really customize it to your liking. Each layer had a different flavor, chocolate with butter creme filing, Italian creme and red velvet with cream cheese filing. I had brought a picture from Pinterest of how I wanted my cake to look and they were able to do it. I purchased the succulents and flowers from Hobby Lobby then gave it Market Street and the cake stand I had ordered from Amazon.

The Groom’s cake was a custom cake and I wasn’t sure if they were able to pull it off but they did an amazing job and it tasted so good. His cake was a hit and the first one gone. Here’s the story behind his cake. We stopped at Carlo’s Bakery in San Antonio on one of our trips because we both have never been there. One of the dessert pastries Carlo’s is famous for is his cannoli. On our way home we were enjoying the cannolis and John said “I wonder if they make this into a cake?” We knew his groom’s cake had to be cannoli. Market Street said they would be able to make it into a cake. The cake itself is a white cake with cannoli filling and they added the actual cannoli pastries on top. OMG!!! It was so good.


We didn’t have a lot of budget for food but knew we needed to serve some type of meal. Since the vineyard had a kitchen some of the men from the church I worked at helped us out by cooking everything for us. I’m so grateful for them because this helped cut down our cost. We served fajitas, rice, beans and all the fixings for it. We also borrowed the serving trays from the church to keep the food warm. I had ordered all the plates and silverware from Amazon.


I was on the wedding planner (by The Knot) app and looking for a DJ. I had found Gus Constancio DJ Service on there. We decided to call him and he happened to be available for our wedding. He did an amazing job and kept everyone dancing. He played all the music from the ceremony, to dinner, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, and had everyone dancing all night. He even joined in on the dances plus he played a variety of songs that made it fun for everyone. If you need a DJ he is one of the best.

What We Wore

The color scheme for our wedding was white, gray, sage green and a hint of pale pink (from the bouquet). My Look: I had bought my dress from David’s Bridal it was exactly what I wanted. I saw it online and fell in love with all the details. It has a simple look but at the same time the lace details brought elegance to the dress. The veil matched perfectly with the lace on the dress. The dress was perfect for me. My shoes are from Betsy Johnson Blue collection. This was my something blue because the sole of the shoes were blue. I wore pearl earring which were my mom’s and that was my something borrowed and I had hair clips in my hair for something old. His look: He had bought his pants and vest from Men’s Warehouse. They had stitched both our initials and wedding day on the inside of the vest. During our first look pictures he was showing it to me. His shoes are from Target. He rented the shirt and tie from Men’s Warehouse. Bridesmaids & Groomsmen: The bridesmaid’s dress is also from David’s Bridal. They wore a long dress that had a similar lace top as mine in the color mystic. The groomsmen had the same outfit as the groom just in a lighter shade of gray which they rented from Men’s Warehouse.

As far as the bridesmaid’s bouquets and the guys boutonniere, a friend of mine had made those for me. She purchased everything from Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I ordered my bouquet from Etsy and then had my friend add a few pieces to help bring everything together.

John’s cousin is very talented with make up and she did all of our makeup. Even through tears the makeup stayed on. My friend who works at a salon did our hair. She even help me touch everything up just before the ceremony. She did an amazing job.

Everything was absolutely perfect for our wedding. It was more than I had envision it would be. Every detail was covered and we had so much fun. We could not have done this without the help of so many friends and family. This is something I will cherish forever. Thanks for letting me share a piece of our day with you. Every vendor is linked below if you are interested.

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