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I’ve Been Keeping a Secret

We’ve been keeping a secret but we are excited to finally announce our news. Surprise!!!! We are expecting a little bundle of joy. It feels like I have been hiding this secret for several months in a way, I have. We are thrilled to grow our family and cannot wait to meet Baby Russell in November just in time for Thanksgiving. Our rainbow baby has been brining us so much joy especially during this pandemic. God has a perfect plan and his timing is always the best.

I plan to document my pregnancy process because I want to remember all of it. Whether you want to follow along or not it is totally up to you. So here it goes.


We actually found out just as our nation was starting to lockdown and order shelter in place back in March. What a time to find out you’re pregnant! I was noticing something different like my appetite, I was constantly hungry plus some body changes. I told myself it was because my cycle was coming up and that I wasn’t pregnant so don’t take the test. I let it go for a couple days, and finally I just had to take the test. I saw the positive sign and I was shock because I couldn’t believe it was true. I started crying and praying that this was it, that this would be the baby that God would allow us to be parents. John was at work when I found out so I decided to put a onesie and the positive test in a gift bag and have him open it when he got home. When he saw it he was excited and kept checking to see if it really did say pregnant. We were both cautiously excited just because this past November I had a miscarriage between 7 and 8 weeks.


After we had found out I called my doctor’s office and scheduled lab work to confirm the pregnancy. They even mentioned that my level looked better this time which made me more hopeful that this was the one that God was giving us. Once it was officially confirmed we decided to tell our family. We knew we needed the support and prayers so we told them. Everyone was cautiously excited with good reason. We also decided to tell a few close friends who would be a prayer warrior for us. I knew I needed a lot of prayers because I was worried and didn’t want to experience what we had just gone through in November. I’m thankful for all the support we have with our family and close friends who always checked up and prayed for us. They say it take a village to raise a child but I think it starts even before the child is born.

Please know if you are or have experience loss or fertility struggles my prayers are with you. God is preparing your time and continue to trust Him and his perfect Will in your life. Hold on to His Promises!


First trimester has been a bit challenging especially during the pandemic. I had my first craving when I was 6 weeks and I wanted a filipino sweet rice type of dessert called Biko. There’s 2 ways to make it, one with sauce that goes on top and another way is with coconut that had been sort of fried. I wanted it both ways with extra sauce and the coconut on the side. Since the store was pretty much sold out of a lot of products and I didn’t have any of the ingredients plus my mom lives far so she couldn’t make it for me; I actually didn’t get to eat my first craving. That’s when everything started! I was always nauseous and gaging that lasted for about 6 weeks. I also have had food aversions, the baby did not like eggs whether it was the look, smell or the taste of it. There was also a time that I couldn’t cook because the smell of the food was making me sick and looking at raw meat made me sick. Hormones are definitely kicking in, I cried because I really wanted some donuts and then cried when I saw the donuts. I was constantly tired and took 2 to 3 hours nap then I would be falling asleep at 9 pm. If you follow me on Instagram this was the reason why I have been a bit m.i.a. I was either sick or I was so exhausted. Thankful that it has calm down and now I have more energy plus I can cook and eat eggs again!


We have had 4 sonogram so far and baby is looking healthy. We actually already know the gender and if you would like to guess what it is, you can comment on here or on my social media post (@heartsdesiretheblog). As for Hearts Desire, I plan to continue sharing my favorite products and finds as well as continue to do try-ons. I would like to take you along on this journey with me and share maternity and baby products also. Hearts Desire will continue to be budget friendly items, home decor, food recipes, DIYs and now all things baby. I hope you will continue to stick around as I embark on this greatest adventure.

Links to outfits:
My dress // Dress
My headband // Headband
My belt // Belt
Baby onesie // Onesie
Photos by Penny Lynn Photography 

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