Latest Amazon Finds

Hello Friends and happy Friday! Hope each one of you is doing well and surviving this quarantine lifestyle. Since the shelter in place started I feel like I have done more Amazon shopping. I thought I would share my latest finds with you that I have loved using. If you have been following along for awhile now, I hope you know I only share products that I truly use and like. If you choose to purchase any of these affiliated linked items, I do receive a small commission. I appreciate you shopping through my site.

Brown Sugar Bear

I honestly was super shocked about this product but I’m so glad I got it. My brown sugar always ends up being rock hard and I can’t scoop any up when I need it. I always end up wasting it and just buying a new bag instead. I had heard about this Brown Sugar Bear and decided to try it. You soak the the bear in water for about 20 minutes then place it in your sugar bag or container and it softens up your brown sugar. I tried it and after a few hours the brown sugar was already soft!!! I shared it on my stories on instagram and its saved on my highlights called Amazon if you want to watch it.

Water Pick/Flosser

We are getting a little personal on this part but it’s too good not to share. I have wires in my teeth for my permanent braces and it’s hard to floss between those areas. I decided to order a water pick flosser. This one is really good because it’s portable and rechargeable plus it doesn’t take up that much space. It comes with a travel pouch and a few floss attachment. You can choose which color you like.

Facial Steamer

This guy is really cool because it’s 3 in 1 Nano iconic facial steamer. It’s a facial steamer which helps open up your pores and you can remove any of those unwanted impurities. (It does come with a 5 piece skin kit.) It’s also a towel warmer. If you ever have flown international they give you those warm towels to wash your hands and/or face and it feels really good. Now you can do that anytime you want. Lastly, it’s also a humidifier. You can have a totally spa package with this.

Steam Mop

In our house we mostly have tile floors and there’s a lot of space to mop. This Steam Mop comes in really handy plus it’s actually better than regular mopping. The steam cleans the floor better and it doesn’t leave the floor soaking wet or any streaks. There’s 3 settings on how low or high you want the steam plus it has a steam blaster for the harder stain areas. The grip pad is dual sided plus it is washable and reusable. It’s super easy to use and definitely best purchase.

Update: The steam mop I originally linked is now currently temporary out of stock. I’m linking a new one HERE. I’m not sure how well this one will work but it does have great reviews.

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