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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May is just around the corner believe it or not. There’s only about two weeks left before Mother’s Day. So I rounded up some Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you celebrate the moms in yours life. No matter how you choose to celebrate the most important thing is to let her know how truly special she is and show her how much you love and care for her.

To shop any of the items, click on the underlined word. These are affiliated links and I do make a small commission when you make a purchase. I truly appreciate your support by shopping these affiliated links.

Packing Cubes: If your mom loves to travel these are so good. It helps keep your luggage organizer plus it saves a lot of space.

Custom Recipe Board + Tea Towel: If your mom is a baker or simply loves to cook, this is a thoughtful gift. You can customize it to her favorite recipe and they will print it on the cutting board and tea towel.

Cake Stand: Add a little home decor to her kitchen with this cake stand. To make it sweeter, bake some homemade goodies or order something special from your local bakery.

Dainty Jewelry: You have 2 options here; a custom name or the one that says MAMA. You can order this popular necklace with her name or get the one that says MAMA. Either way how cute are these and they are great for layering.

Makeup + Jewelry Organizer: Let’s be honest we can all be a little more organize with our make up and jewelry. This is one is great because you can see everything plus it will look great on your vanity or wherever your mom gets ready.

Toiletry Bag: Again if she loves to travel this toiletry bag is great because she can move those dividers to fit everything she needs from skin care products to make up. Plus there’s even a spot to put her makeup brushes.

Foreo: I love this skincare tool. You can download the app and there’s a sensor on the back that reads how your skin is doing. Whether it needs more hydration or you’re scrubbing too much. I love the silicone bristles because its not too rough on your skin when you’re using it. When you turn it on, it lets you know how long to focus on one area of your skin before moving to the next part. This is by far one of my favorite skin care tools.

Ninja Coffee Bar: This has been one of the best purchase I have made. It makes a variety of coffee from regular pot of coffee, single cup, travel size, cold brew and even specialty coffee. You will make less trips to Starbucks because you can make your own lattes. It even has a built in frothier.

Coffee Cup: You can never have too many coffee cups. Okay….maybe you can! You can add candy, chocolate or even put a gift card to make it a little extra.

Pitcher: How cute is this pitcher and it will look even cuter once you add some fresh flowers to give to your mom. No one wants those boring vases anyways. So why not add something she can use or display on her kitchen counter.

Facial Steamer: Give her the gift of a spa treatment that she can use anytime she wants. Plus this can be use as a humidifier as well as to warm up her towel for that ultimate spa treatment.

Magnolia Table: Joanna Gaines came out with her volume 2 of collection of her recipes. If your mom loves to cooks this will be a great gift. It will also look cute as a kitchen decor and maybe add a tea towel to go with it.

Comfy PJs: This PJs is so comfy and great for lounging around all day. That’s all we have been doing lately anyways right.

Essential Oil Bracelet: This is super cute. It’s a bracelet that you can add your favorite essential oil. I love the benefits of a great essential oil and getting to wear it around your wrist will help boost your emotions all day long. (See the bottom page for essential oil suggestion.)

Cozy Slipper: I love a good comfy slippers. We are all about comfy and cozy right now since we have been stuck in the house. This one will be a great addition to her comfy look.

Throw Blanket: I love throw blankets and you can never have too many of these. The best part this is currently on sale. So don’t miss out on this deal. (Original pic is sold out so I linked a different one.)

Yeti Mug: Let’s face it…how many moms actually drink cold coffee. This mug will help keep her coffee hot longer while she is busy taking care of the kids. This has so many color options so you can pick her favorite color.

Bathtub Caddy Tray: How many moms actually have time to relax? Let’s give her a special treat and allow her for some me time. She can relax in the tub and this caddy will come in handy because there’s spot for her to put her iPad to watch her favorite movie or read a book. There’s a slot to hold her wine glass. Plus additional compartments for what else she will need.

Garden Tools: If your mom loves to garden, then this one would be a great gift. You can even add her favorite plants to go with it.

Essential Oil Kit: You can give your mom the best gift, Essential Oils. This kit comes with your choice of diffuser (picture is Desert Mist), 12 of the most used oils, Hand Sanitizer, Thieves Spray, 2 Ningxia Red Packet, 2 Roller Fitment Attachment. There’s so many benefits of using oils. It’s great for skincare, it helps you sleep better, it helps soothe those sore muscles, plus you get all the benefits from diffusing the oils. Stop burning candles which is full of toxin and has no health benefits. Start diffusing oils instead. For more information you can message me here.

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