Austin Trip


Last weekend my husband and I went to Austin for his half marathon race. On our way there we stopped to see some friends along the way. It’s great to catch up with friends especially in person. We finally made it to Austin in the afternoon and the first official stop was to get is packet of information for his race.

They had so many vendors there and lots of spots for photo opts. The atmosphere was really cool just to see so many athletes all in one place.  Every state was represented along with several countries which was pretty cool to see. We really spent majority of our time there since that was the reason why we were in Austin.

Afterwards we had dinner at El Alma which was so good. Want to know how good??? Well I forgot to take a picture of the food because we just started eating it. John ordered different types of tacos and his favorite was the shrimp taco so be sure to try that one out. I had a burrito but the sauce they put on top of it was sooooo good. Definitely check this place out if you are ever in Austin. Be sure to sit outside on the rooftop for a great view.

We finally headed to our airbnb to get some rest since it was going to be a very early morning. It was dark already so we didn’t get to see much of what the outside of our airbnb looked like till the next day. But before we go over that let’s finish up the race portion of this post.

The next morning we took an uber to the place where the race was starting so that we didn’t have to fight with traffic and look for parking. There were thousands of people there and it was crazy awesome to see so many runners. I’m so proud of my husband for being part of it and finishing the race. He even beat his previous time by 20 minutes. How awesome is that?!?!

After his race we headed back to the airbnb to get cleaned up. This was the first time we were going to see it in the light and WOW! This place is super cute and it did not look like we were in the city. We highly suggest this place if you are ever in Austin. From outside to inside it was super cute and cozy. They had another spot on the property that you could stay at too but we really like the greenhouse cottage one. I will leave the link to the house here.

For lunch, we had pizza at Via 313 Pizzeria. We highly recommend this place, it was really good. The people next to us heard that we were from out of town and suggested what we should order and it did not disappoint at all. For appetizers we had cheese bread and the meatballs. OMG!!! The meatballs was awesome. We ordered the small carnivore pizza and it was just as good. We were honestly so full but our server gave us some dessert and oh my! I can only eat one because like I said I was really full. We took the rest with us. They have a couple locations in Austin so be sure to stop at one of them.

The final stop was the Yard. We had been looking forward to this place even before the trip. The milkshakes were so elaborate and definitely picture worthy. When we got there, we just beat the rush and thank goodness because the line was long. The place was very small and not much room for seating. We sat outside and shared the table with other people. John ordered the Cookie Monster Milkshake and I have the Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Both milkshakes were really good. However, the cookies and the cheesecake weren’t that good. Afterwards, they had a section of sinks where you can wash your cup and take it with you if you would like.

The weekend flew by fast but we had so much fun. The next time we go, we will try other places because honestly there were tons of great options. Have you been to Austin? Do you have any recommendation for us to try? Would love to hear what places you like, leave a comment below!

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