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How to Style a Tee Shirt Dress

Tee Shirt Dress

I love it when you can style something so many ways, you really feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. Sometimes you get stuck on just wearing it how it is and that can get boring. I figured I would style a plain tee shirt dress multiple ways and show you how you can switch things up. If you want to shop any of these looks, it is links at the bottom of the post.


Let’s start with the basic tee shirt dress. You can simply wear how it is especially of you are taller this looks great. However, I am short so I honestly wouldn’t wear it just like this unless I am wearing it just around the house.


Basic With Accessories

This next look is how I would mostly like wear it with a belt. This is a great short girl hack, because by belting it you are able to pull the dress up. I added a hat to give it a little more style. Depending on the season you can easily change the hat up for a more seasonal appropriate. You can easily change the sandals for booties depending on the season or temperature.


Utility Vest/Jacket

This next look I added a utility vest but you could also wear a utility jacket. Either one will add a contrast to the look and it gives an effortless look. I like this style if I want a more put together casual look.


Super Casual

This next one is my absolute favorite because its super casual, comfy and perfect for an everyday look. I added a chambray around my waist to use it like a belt (another option for a short girl hack) or you can use a jean jacket as well. I added a baseball hat and slip-on/sneakers and you have a basic outfit that looks stylish. This is great for running errands.



If you want it to be a little more dress up, this next look I added a kimono. Kimonos are perfect for spring and summer because they are light weight. If you need something more for fall or winter, I would switch it to a duster or a longer cardigan. I kept it casual by wearing sandals but you can easily change it to heels, wedges or even booties for a more dress up look.


Office Style

This final look I added a blazer and some work appropriate heels. I like that you can easily wear this tee shirt dress for work by adding a blazer. You look stylish and ready to  for the office without having to sacrifice comfort.


Hope you liked these options and that they are helpful to you. Which style is your favorite? My favorite is the super casual look with a baseball cap. You can shop these looks by clicking on any of the images below. Do you like this type of post and want me to do more of them? Let me know by commenting below.

Merry Christmas-11


IMG_2575        IMG_2568   IMG_2545        IMG_2552   IMG_2538        IMG_2528


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