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Fall Tree

Broard and brush 4

Today’s weather is our first taste of fall and I’m enjoying it. I just love colder weather because bugs start to go away and leaves begin to change. Something about fall that makes changing beautiful. I also feel like fall just kicks off all the holiday decorations. One of my favorite ways to decorate is having a fall tree.

When I had posted on my social media about starting to decorate my fall tree some of you were interested in how I would decorate it so I thought I would write a blog post about it. I had been doing fall trees for several years now. However, I think this year is by far my favorite of how I decorated it.


Some of the thing I had already, so this helps me not spend so much money for a fall tree. Here’s a little tip, always shop the after the holiday sale so that you can make the tree you want for the following year. That way you can keep your spending to a minimum. I had the ornaments already, which I bought a couple years. I will link a similar one here. I also had several lamps ear which came as a set of two and it’s linked here. I also had the mesh from a previous sale. Over all I spent under $50 to add the additional decor.


I had bought some colorful pumpkins from the Dollar Tree and Walmart, these were cheaper than buying the color that I wanted. Check out the blog here of how I painted them. I also bought smaller pumpkins that have a clip which I got from the Dollar Tree. I tried to find a link for it but they don’t have it available online. Four of them came as a set so check your local store.


The rest of the decor are from Hobby Lobby since they were 40% off.  I wasn’t sure what to use for the top of the tree and while I was walking around I saw this sign and I thought I would use it. I also wanted to incorporate the buffalo checker plaid and I saw they had these that were shaped as a leaf. I needed something that would flair out and add contrast so I got a few dried fall stems. I tried to find one to link for you guys but I can’t find it online. As fillers I added cotton on all the places that needed filling. Overall I think the tree turned out great.


Hope this inspires you to do a fall tree. Do you like the idea of a Fall Tree? Do you think you will do one for your home. Just a side note you can shop all the links, and thank you for supporting me by shopping the links.

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