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Review: Old Central Firehouse Bed & Brew


Happy Friday the 13th everyone. I have been wanting to share my review on this Old Central Firehouse Bed & Brew place. When John and I were planning where we would stay the night of our wedding it was a bit challenging. San Angelo didn’t really offer any unique places that I could think off. I decided to google what hotels we could stay at which I honestly didn’t want. In my search, The Old Central Firehouse Bed & Brew came up. I never heard of this place prior to that. I clicked on their website and I was blown away. Is this really in San Angelo??? You typically would find something like this in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, you know bigger cities but not in San Angelo. This place was exactly what I was looking for.


Here’s a brief history which I took from their website.

“Situated in Downtown San Angelo, Old Central Firehouse was built in 1929. It was one of the first firehouses in San Angelo and remained a firehouse until 1976. This building is beautiful in stature and newly renovated into a bed and brew.”

It is absolutely beautiful and I love how they incorporated firehouse theme in their decorations. They have four available rooms and you can’t go wrong with any of the rooms. They do not allow children or pets because they want it to be a relaxing getaway for adults. So keep that in mind as you plan your stay here. They serve a light self serve breakfast plus they have happy hour available in the afternoon in their common area.

The owners are super sweet and helpful no matter what time of day/night. We know this through experience. We weren’t sure how to get in since they lock the doors at a certain time and had to call them late at night because we forgot how to get in…oops. (Blaming it on all the wedding preparations.)

We stayed in the Chief’s Room and it was perfect. I wish we could have stayed longer. By the time we got to our room we were so exhausted that we crashed. Honestly, it was so quite and peaceful that we ended up sleeping in.

If you are looking for a weekend gateway, check out the Old Central Firehouse Bed & Brew in Downtown San Angelo. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.


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