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Spring Dresses

Tassel Plaid Swing Dress

Hello friends,

It’s just about that time of the year where the weather starts to warm up and you start looking for dresses. Whether you’re looking to wear it for Spring Break trip, vacation, Easter or a wedding, Shein has got you covered. This online store has so many options and they are at a great price. Now you do have to be cautious when you’re on that site because the sizing is not your average or typical sizes.  So pay attention to the measurements and you will need to know your measurements in order to know which size to choose. The outfits are a hit and miss so another pointer is to read the reviews of each style. You will notice that the prices are great but that because you get what you pay for. The style, texture, and how it’s made all play a part on that price. If you plan to wear something just a few times then its great, they are not made to last you several washes so keep that mind. I have had great turn outs with my purchases from Shein, but like a said you get what you pay for and you have to pay attention to reviews and measurements. One final thing, I would recommend paying the extra price for Shipping & Handling insurance that way of you need to return the item you will be covered. Hope this helps you out and find a good deal. Happy shopping friends!


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