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How to style a Poncho

Hope your year is off to a great start! How are you doing with your new year resolution or goal? If you haven’t started yet, it’s not to late to start. One of the things I want to starting doing is showing you guys how you can style a certain piece different ways. So I thought I would kick it off with how to style a poncho. I always see others wearing ponchos and they look super chic. Of course, it can easily go from chic to blah depending on how you wear it. So be careful. In order to show you this I needed a poncho…well a new one! I started looking for one and I had a specific style that I was wanting. I found this one at my favorite store, Target!!! I know this surprises you but you can always find stuff even if you are not looking for it. There are different types of ponchos, you would want to get one that is best for you depending on your frame and height. I am 5 foot so, I wanted one that wasn’t to long for me. Everything I’m wearing is linked at the bottom of the post. You can click on the words to shop.

I have styled this three different ways. I did wear a stripe long sleeve tee underneath to give it a contrast. I also wore black jeans on all three looks because this will keep your style chic and it helps elongate your legs by pair it with black booties. The first one is the basic and the way most people would wear it. Since the poncho is a boxy style, make sure you pair with a skinny jeans or skinny pant suit style. This will help it keep it balance. I choose to wear nude heels to dress it up a little bit. You can always choose a classic black heels or if you are a little bit more brave, some leopard heels would go great.

The next style is a front half tuck. This gives it a different look and helps elongate your legs. You can even wear black booties to give you more of an elongated look. I wanted to show you all how that would look but sadly when we took this picture, I forgot my black booties. Just to give you another idea, you can add a cute panama hat and that gives it more of a boho look to your outfit.

The last look for this poncho is with a belt. I had looped the belt through the arm hole so that it is only belted at the front half. Keep the back half of the poncho loose. By belting this poncho, it cinches your waist and it makes it not too boxy. It also shortens the length of the poncho and helps elongate your legs. Being short, I need all the length I could get even if its just an illusion.

Hope this helps you all out. If you want me to do more of how to style something different ways, let me know. I would love to help you any way I can. Leave me a comment on this post or you can email me under the contact tab.




Shoes and Belt I have had for a long time.

Not an Expert, just a Dreamer



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