Happy New Year

Can believe its already 2019??? Before we talk about 2019 I want to recap what happened last year. There are so many things that I am grateful for that happened in 2018. At the beginning of the year I was talking to my friend about wanting a “different” year. I wanted something more and experience some awesome memories that I can look back on. Now that I’m looking back WOW so much has happened. Just FYI this post will be a bit longer than my usual ones.

Looking Back

Each one of us have so many ups and down through out the year. I am thankful that God is with me every step of the way. It was all because of God that I was able to get through it. Overall it has been an incredible year, however it didn’t start out that way for me.


I was constantly sick and didn’t really know what was going on with my body. It seemed liked everyday I was breaking out in hives and taking all sorts of medicine but none of it helped. The first part of the year I really struggled, even at worked. I finally decided to see a doctor and found out that I was having a severe allergic reaction to everything. It was everything that I was surround by (trees, grass, pollen, mold, etc) and everything that I was consuming (dairy, wheat, beef, soy, nuts, etc). My body couldn’t fight it off and I was becoming weak and breaking out in hives constantly. I started getting 6 shots a week and changing how I ate. I still have a long journey with this but at least I know what is going on with my body now.


Let’s look back on all the positive things that happened this past year. One of my goals every year is to go somewhere I’ve never been. My first couple of trips for the year was with one of my good friend Brittany. We went to Austin and San Antonio on two separate trips. It was a lot of fun exploring the city and enjoying all the great food the city has to offer. Plus we did do some shopping. Exploring what the city has to offer is a great way to spend time with friends.

My next trip was definitely one of the highlights for me. When I was in high school, I saw a music video that they film at the most beautiful location. However, I never knew where this place was or what it was called, but I have dreamed of one day going there. Well little did I know that this year would be the year that it would come true plus it was with a very special person. In August, my boyfriend and I went to Arizona and our first stop was in Page. We got to explore this beautiful town and all of God’s creation. The top sights we wanted to see was Antelope Canyon and the Horseshoe Bend at sunset. It did not disappoint at all. You have to have a tour guide in order to see Antelope Canyon, it’s worth it. Ours even helped us capture the colors of the canyon and replicate the famous photos of the canyon. Horseshoe Bend was just outside of the town looking over the Colorado River. You do have to hike a little bit to see it and get there early because it gets crowded (the month we went it was crowded). It was a beautiful sunset that day as we looked over Horseshoe Bend. If you have never been to Page, Arizona you need to add it on your list and you will be glad you did. We did explore other parts of Arizona on the trip but I had been to those places in the past.

My last trip of the year is to Kansas. Its not as exciting as the other places but I haven’t been to it so it counts right?! My parents and I visited one of my cousin and her family there for Christmas. We didn’t get to explore because it rained the whole time we were there. We did enjoy some great BBQ from a restaurant called When Pigs Fly. It is locally owned and they let us sample everything since it was our first time. If you are ever in Wichita, Kansas, check them out.

Learning Something New

One of the things learned well actually I’m still learning is being a blogger. I launched this past year is a lifestyle blog. It has been a journey on its own. There is so much to learn and I didn’t realized all the behind the scene of blogging. I’m glad I started and I’m thankful for you that you are on this journey with me. I appreciate you supporting me as I learn new things and better understand this blogging industry. Since I have launched Heart’s Desire in October, I have joined 6th Borough Boutique, Target and Amazon. Thank you for shopping my links at these brands. You can read more about what’s coming up with my blog and my goals below.


I wanted to save this part last even though it was one of the first thing that happened this year. I met one of the most amazing guy who has so many great qualities. I am thankful that I met him because he has made this past year truly incredible. I look forward to more adventures with him. Maybe one of these days I’ll tell you more about our story but for now this is all I want to share.

Looking Ahead

Now that we have recapped some of the highlights of 2018, I want to share some goals with you about this new year. One of the things that I do before looking ahead is looking back to the previous year and seeing what goals or new things I want to do. This helps me realign and make adjustments for the new year. I don’t make new year’s resolution but I do make three new year’s goal. I feel like a new year’s resolution is something that I can never achieve and it sets such a high expectation that I always feel like a failure. So what I started is a new year’s goal, which helps me achieve it some time through out the year. I do try to make achievable goals that are broad which helps me not be discourage and allows me to actually achieve my goals. However, I do challenge myself to do more than my three new year’s goal.

New Place & Learning Something New

Each year I have two repeated goals. One is visit a new place it could be a city, state, or country that I have never been too and the other is learn something new. Both of these goals, I have had for several years now. I do make these goals very broad because I do not know what will happen in the future. I don’t want to make it too narrow like visit Greece because the reality of it is, I will mostly like not be visiting Greece. I know that I can visit a new place…it may be a city that I’ve never been to before nonetheless it is a new place for me. It’s just the same as learned something new. Right now I don’t know what new thing I want to learn but something may inspire at some point in the year and that will be my new thing. Making both of these broad helps me achieve my goal each year.

2019 Word

My next goal is more of finding a word that will define my year. So every year I choose a word that defines my year. Some past words I have chosen before are Journey, Adventure, and Joy. My 2018 word goal was “Different”. I choose that word because I wanted something different than my previous year. I wasn’t sure how that word would look for 2018 but that was my goal. And boy was my 2018 year “Different”. So this year, the year 2019, my word goal is “Dreamer”. I’m not sure how this will fit with 2019 but stay tuned and maybe together we will find out.

Goals for my Blog

This year I am adding another goal. Since I launched Heart’s Desire, I want to include some goals for my blog. There’s so much more I still need to learn about all the ins and outs of blogging so I have listed some goals below. These are a little more narrow that I would like but its because in order for me to grow more these are some foundations that I need to learn. Below I have listed some bullet point for my goals with Heart’s Desire.

  • Do more Instagram Stories
  • Learn more about website design
  • Work/Partner with more brands
  • Build my followers on Instagram and my Website
  • Partner with another Blogger

I hope that my blog, Heart’s Desire will be better in 2019. I hope that you will continue to be in this journey with me. If you want me to do more of a certain types of post please share your ideas with me because I truly want to help you and that’s what Heart’s Desire is all about. Heart’s Desire is for you, to help you with whatever you need. Send me an email or comment on this post with some of your ideas or what you want to see this year.

Do you do a New Year’s Resolution or do you make a New Year’s Goal? If you do make a new year’s resolution that is awesome and I hope you will thrive in your resolution. It’s just not for me. If you don’t do either one, I hope this inspires you do one for 2019. Which ever one you choose a new year’s resolution or a new year’s goal, I hope that together we will achieve our goals.

My post are usually not this long but this one was an exception. If you read this whole post, THANK YOU!!! I hope you have a great and blessed New Year.

“Not an Expert, just a Dreamer”



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