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Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Can you believe it’s November already. It’s basically Christmas. I know during this time of the year, I get so busy with events, making sure everything gets done on the list, decorate for the holidays, and so much more. Am I the only one that’s like this??? Despite all the busy-ness, I still love this season.

Anyways, I have always wanted to wear a leather jacket. I would look at the ladies who wear them and admire how chic they look. I thought “I could never pull that look off.” So this year, I figured why not give it a try. I’m not sure if I can actually pull it off but who cares, right! So my search for a “leather” jacket began.

It took me awhile before finding the one that I like. I found this faux moto leather jacket from Target it’s from their brand called Universal Thread. It comfortable and chic at the same time. So, I think I’m hooked with leather jackets after finding this piece. I have linked the jacket below for you.

The dress is from Nordstrom and if you have not purchased one you need too. This dress is super comfortable and has plenty of stretch. It’s great for styling it casual or dressy, depending on the look your going for. The dress I’m wearing is sleeveless but they do have a long sleeve option and both styles come in several color options. I have linked both style of the dresses for you above. What’s the one clothing item or outfit style that you stay away from? Be brave and go for it!

As always “I’m not an Expert just a Dreamer”!



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